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Is it possible that the SPICE GIRLS are the biggest ROCKY HORROR fans on the planet? Based on their movie, SPICE WORLD, the possibility is definately there. Lets sift through the evidence, shall we?

First, lets visit the most obvious of the correlations; Richard O'Brien. Not only did Richard write and star in the stage production of THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW, but he wrote the screenplay and stared in the film version as the menacing Riff-Raff. In SPICE WORLD he was asked to play something equally as sinister, a point he ironically states at the end of the movie during the credits.
Next lets take a look at Meatloaf. Although only in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW for one song, Meatloaf stared in THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW in the US as both the rocker Eddie and the scientist Dr. Scott. As the busdriver in SPICE WORLD, he does not get a chance to make reference to his ROCKY roots, but he does get to say,"I would do anything for these girls, but I won't do that!"
Now i realise the next one is a bit of a stretch, but bear with me out. Barry Humphreys, who played the evil tabloid magazine publisher McMaxwell in SPICE WORLD, was also one of the stars of the sequel to ROCKY HORROR, SHOCK TREATMENT. in that movie, instead of playing the evil tabloid reporter, he was the evil (and blind) gameshow host Bert Schnick.
Now down to the sold, hard, script! As illustrated by these pictures, in SPICE WORLD, the girls spend an evening in a strange old castle where they ended up curled in bed together and then out on the grassy lawn the morning after. In ROCKY, the young couple spends an evening in a strange castle and end up curled up in bed with their tranvesetite host and sprawled out on the lawn in their underwear in the morning. The basic premise, when examined more closely those, resembles more of the plight of Frank N Furter then that of Brad and Janet. In SPICE WORLD, the girls are fabulous superstars who are preparing for their first live show and are confronted with problems brought on by the evil tabloid news editor (Barry Humphreys), his reporter (Richard O'Brien), and their manager. The girls end up performing in a fabulous live show dispite these barriers. In ROCKY HORROR, Dr. Frank N Furter is host to the Transelvanian Convention where he is set to unveil his marvelous creation. After a confrontation with most of the main characters, her puts on a fabulous floorshow with 4 other cast members (1,2,3,4,5 Spice Girls) and is ultimately "shot" by Richard O'Brien.

Now all these coincidences may just be, well... coincidences, but I don't think this is so. The girls are from the British Isle, home of the Rocky experience, so it is quite possible that they have gotten the same impact on their lives as millions of us here in the states.

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